Monday, December 1, 2008

Ok...a small Sims post.

I am not entirely sure what my 'fans' want to hear about the Sims 2 and I haven't really been paying attention to it, but I have been playing it. :D
One of my first posts was a Sims post.
So, I made a new neighbourhood called Hong Kong. I put all the houses that I had, down and made 3 families and one that I really loved. She was just one person and her name was Eliza, notice I keep saying was. Her life long dream was to become top of the business career so she did and she made so many paintings. An NPC moved in with her and they 'dated' for some time but I was only using him for his friends so I wouldn't need to make more friends. It is always a hassle. But, I don't do any of that in real life. Haha.
After she had gone to the top, I moved him out and adopted a child. He grew up into a teenager 2 days after she had turned into an elderly. She got married to another NPC and then died the next day. HAHA.
Now that same NPC is going out with someone else. My computer is so slow though so I don't go to community lots. Just at home. ;D
I may of not made that clear, but if you have any questions about it then please, feel free to comment. :D


Stephanie said...

I love the sims! ^_^

b1brittany said...

Me too.
Thanks for following this blog. :D