Friday, January 9, 2009

A clock and a camera.

Not my favorite but I like it.
The clock is in the top right hand corner.

This one is my favorite of all of them.
This one is my second favorite out of all of them.
This one was a mistake but this is the one that got me going. :D

I recently opened a christmas gift I had been meaning to open for a while now and saw that it was a cute blue clock. See it's adventures around my room above.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Design inspiration: Zara home.

Kids Betty Pouffe
How cute is this little pouffe? From Zara home.

 Judith Basket
These baskets are cute to put kids toys in or to put magazines. Take your pick. *Link at top*

Kids Crochet Soft Toy
Kids Puercoespin Soft Toy
Some toys to put in the basket. *Link at top*

Kids Jaco Rug
Am liking this rug by Zara home. *Link at top*

Quote of the week: Replace fear of the unknown with curiousity.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Artist: Deviantart member - Gosia.

My friend recently showed me this cool website Deviant Art

I found an artist named Gosia and I will find out if she has a website I can link to. 

Here is her work.

A picture of a clover. But to me it seems something more. The color. Maybe I am writing too much about color this week but I love it. 

Great lighting and color. It is a cube reflecting off a painting.

Am lost for words. The drop of water is just struggling to stay there. Beautiful. 

You can find her work here. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Obsession: Reusable shopping bags.

After doing a bit of research I chose 5 re-usable shopping bags that I love.

Love This Planet Reusable Bag
Not only does this bag come with a cool and chic design, it also comes with a small note saying why using plastic bags damages the environment.

Apparently this was inspired by an Australian rainforest but I just like the design on and of the bag. You can get it here

Envirosax - Ultra-Compact Reusable Shopping Bag, Retro Graphic Frames
I like this bag, kind of a similar bag style to the one above. You can find it here.

Mimi the Sardine - Medium Modern Cloth Lunch Bag, Bugs & Ladybugs
Forget that this says lunch box. This is my kind of bag. :)
I really like the ladybugs on the second bag and I am thinking maybe I should grab it while I can... You can find it here.

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Bag
Not only does this carry your shopping/groceries, it also helps raise awareness about Breast Cancer. You can find it here.  

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lists January 2009

I like scanning through various magazines and blogs to find lists of What's Hot and I recently came across this cool list in Elle Decor.
Take a look. 

A nice reclining chair to relax on. Made by Michael Vanderbyl for Boiler & co. which I couldn't find anything on. Help me?

This jazzy bookends could be on the top of my mum's wishlist. I showed them to her and she fell in love with them. Good thing we have a lot of books.

This lamp is one very cool table lamp. I wonder if this would look good in the middle of a round coffee table...?
An amazing color and design. It is hand painted and on silk panels. 

The slideshow for these items are here along with some other amazing beauties.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

James at slack.

Originally uploaded by James_at_Slack
Callie Grayson of mentioned this talented photographer so I felt I had to check his pictures out when I stumbled upon this. The lights and coloring in this picture are..... breathtaking!
The cottage is also quite cute. :P

Magie de Noël

Magie de Noël
Originally uploaded by imapix
The coloring and lighting in this one is spectacular. Now, I know Christmas has passed and we need to wait another WHOLE year for Christmas to come around again, but it is still cold in some places and not everybody has taken their Christmas decorations down yet...


Originally uploaded by imchaudhry
I love the bright colors in this photo and the way that they are all fanned out across the black floor. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself and this happens a lot, I just like it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ngoc Minh Ngo

I recently found this website and thought that I would share.

A photo taken from the interior section.

A photo taken from the food section.

So my style may be a little wild but I found this searching around the tearsheets section and fell in love with it.

Go and check it out if you haven't already and tell me what you find!