Friday, December 19, 2008

Dream places to live. :DDD

I was looking through .v and found some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G places to live! I have always thought, that after graduating from Uni, I would move to my dream home or apartment. :D Of course, life doesn't work that way. :'(

This is amazing. It actually reminds me of New Zealand (where I am from) Find the whole post here.

The different shades of purple in here are amazing - I am using that word too much. :P Find the whole post here.

Now, after searching for... lets just say a while... on Style Files, I discovered some cute apartments and houses. Check them out.

Find the whole post here.

The blue in the kitchen is really really cool. It makes me want to design my whole room in this colour. Although, I do have a lot of blue already... 
Find the whole post here.

Those are all the pics I have for now but I might come back tomorrow to post about more. It is the holidays after all. :D

Happy blogging. :D 
Oh, and Joanna Goddard of A cup of Jo fame gave me an idea for Facebook. If anybody has it. I have one and if anybody would like to add me as a friend, they are more than welcome to. :D 

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