Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Flickr photos.

Am not too sure if she has a blog but I will find out for you.
I will just put these pics on and give one sentence about them.
Coco&Kelly3 by black_kat1.
All this wedding stuff is really cute, look at that cake.

Coco&Kelly2 by black_kat1.
All these peach colors and blues, they are all so pretty. 

Coco&Kelley1 by black_kat1.
That cake is so cool! But so is that dress. :D
Stationary Inspiration by black_kat1
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys, today we had to do our mock choosing thing for subjects. I chose drama over business but I want to do both because business is important in life and I want to do something in photography, designing or interior designing. :D
Anyway, this. Cute pinks and black. Really cute chandelier. 

Shopping bag design close up by black_kat1.
Cute pink bag design. I guess it is made for shopping...? I think she made it. She has skills! It also comes in Orange, Green and Blue. I want one!
Tunnel nite shot3 by black_kat1.
I don't know why but I am very attracted to this picture. I am reading Twilight at the moment and this photo kind of makes me think of that book. 
martha stewart ornaments by coco+kelley.
These are really cute. :D They would do well in a child's room. This photo and the next is from Coco and Kelley.

country living mantel by coco+kelley.
The cupcakes are perfect for our upcoming holiday -- Christmas!!!
Ok, well that will be all for now but expect more tomorrow. Now, for the final time - Have a good day. :D

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